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We are located in the town of Gurabo, PR but currently we do not have a physical location. We deliver for free to several towns and for an additional charge to others. We also make shipments by mail to all PR and EU.

Our pets are family, and the safety and quality of our treats is incredibly important to us. All our recipes have been verified and approved by a veterinary expert in nutrition. All of the ingredients are human-grade ,and recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration and approved for use in animal food.

We specially bake our products to remove excess moisture, which helps extend shelf life. In each treat bag, the treats are individually wrapped in plastic wrap to further preserve freshness. The other products are packed separately to maintain their freshness and quality.

  Because of these steps, our dog treats are tested and approved for up to 3 months from the time we bake them. Decorated cookies last up to 1 month in the plastic wrap and keep refrigerated. Birthday cakes, cupcakes and donuts last up to 8 days because they are made differently and do not contain preservatives and also keep refrigerated. The popsicles last up to 6 months in their sealed wrappers.

We recommend keeping the treats in a glass jar or leaving them in the packaging they come in. store them on a cool, dry shelf. Do not leave them warm.

At NatuTreats we loved creating fun and different styles of birthday cakes and decorated cookies for our pups.

We have a wide variety of 100% natural products for the enjoyment and delight of your pet.

You can choose between these:



Birthday Cakes


Decorated Cookies



We also have a variety of hats , clothes and toys.

You can find a full listing of our products and frosting ingredients, as well as nutrition facts, on each product page.

They are made with oatmeal flour which is very healthy for them. One of our frosting is made with boiled potatoes and food coloring. Our delicious popsicles  are made with greek yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of them are: 


Homemade Peanut Butter

organic chicken broth

unsalted coconut




Fresh mint

Greek plain yogourt

Fresh fruits such as: apple, banana, pumpkin, carrot, watermelon, papaya, Mango

Chicken breast

Bacon low in sodium and fat


Oats flour

100% pure honey

They do not contain preservatives, sugar, salt, additives or yeast. Also gluten and soy free. No artificial flavor.